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Sunday, July 12, 2020
Questionnaire for Note & Deed of Trust Typing Package
(Real Property only, for personal property such as a Mobile Home in Park, or a Leasehold Interest, etc., please contact office for details) Print Form
One Request form is required per Property
Mailing Address:    or
Phone:    or    Email:    or
Add Additional Borrower
Mailing Address:    or
Phone:    or    Email:    or
Add Additional Lender

Check with the Applicable State Laws which governs property and your rights/duties associated with each type of Note. Please consult your Counsel or Tax Professional if unsure which type to use.

The above note will be Secured by the Property shown above using the following Deed of Trust type and under the terms shown below:

Note Amount: $ Date of Note: City/State where Note will be signed:
Interest Rate % Date Interest will begin to "Accrue"
Fully Amortized (Principal and Interest Payments)?   or Interest Only payments?   or One Lump Sum?
How long is the Term of the Note Year/Months? Date of Last Payment?
Payment Frequency: Amount of Payment $ Date of First Payment Due:
Payments to be made on the day of each and every
Does the Note contain a "Balloon Payment"? , If "Yes" what is the Amount $ and Due Date
Please use the defaulted name of the Trustee contained in the Pre-Printed Forms, or use
Does the Note contain a Due on Sale Clause (Industry Standard Wording)?
Does the Note Contain a Late Payment Fee? , If "Yes" % of monthly payment if late by days of due date.
Does the Borrower have to keep Property Taxes paid at all times during the life of this Note?
Does the Borrower have to keep a Hazard Insurance policy in place naming the Beneficiary/Lender at all times during the life of this Note?
Additional Information: (Please let us know any other details that you think we should know.)
Feel free to attach any documents you feel that would think would be helpful ("Amortization Schedule", etc.)
Note: If you are not a party to the document being requested, please tell us your relationship    
Once Submitted, a Transfer Specialist will contact you shortly to confirm your order; and review the typing and any applicable recording fees associated with your request prior to collecting payment.

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We do not provide legal services or legal advice. Contact an attorney or tax advisor for any related legal services or legal advice.
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