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Sunday, July 12, 2020
Accommodation Recording Instructions and Agreement Print Form
If submitting more than 3 Documents, please complete an additional form
Accommodation Recording Instructions and Agreement
Document(s) being Recorded (List Title of Document & which County to be Recorded in)

1.) County Recorder of

2.) County Recorder of

3.) County Recorder of

The undersigned ("Client") has provided the document(s) listed above to Docstar Services, LLC ("DocStar) and is/are instructing them record said document(s) with the County Recorder’s office specified, the undersigned further represent(s) that they have prepared the document(s) themselves or by some other party, and DocStar has not given any legal advice or made any assurances to the accuracy of said document(s) being present for recording. The Client has elected to pay DocStar to file/record the document(s) on Client’s behalf, and agrees to pay a "processing fee" for such filing/recording. The processing fee is in addition to the ANY recording fees charged by the County Recorder. Client agrees to hold DocStar (their agents, employees, successors and assigns) harmless for said document’s filing/recording. Client also agrees that DocStar has made no warranties or guarantees or expressed an opinion about the title to any property or the effect on outcome of said document(s) referred to herein, whether its effect on the record or marketability of title or any tax consequences it may create; they are simply processing the recording as if Client was to do themselves, therefore they are charging a fee for their time to do so. If I have any questions relating to the title, marketability or insurability; I have or will consult with an Attorney, Title Insurance Company or a professional within their field. In the event the document(s) is/are rejected by the Recorder’s Office, Docstar will return the documents to Client with reason given for said rejection, it will be the Client’s sole responsibility to have documents corrected and returned to Docstar for recording, and Client understands that an additional Processing Fee may apply.

Lastly, Docstar may affix a stamp to any document(s) that is/are presented for recording that reads similar to or contains the following verbiage shown in this sample.

This Document has been recorded as an Accommodation only, it has not be reviewed as to its accuracy or its effect on title.
sample stamp
Or if approved
Note: If you are not a party to the document being requested, please tell us your relationship    

Please complete and include with document(s) being presented for recording. Southern California Accommodation Recording "Processing Fee" is $35.00 per document (Recorder’s Fees are Extra), if Document being presented for recording is for Northern California or Out of State, please call office for Pricing. Client is responsible for all actual applicable Recorder’s fees.

We do not provide legal services or legal advice. Contact an attorney or tax advisor for any related legal services or legal advice.
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